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Minsar Studio 2.6

Minsar Studio 2.6

Spread the news! 🙏

We are thrilled about how things are going since we released the app on Oculus Quest.

There’s been a huge increase in created AR/VR content in the last weeks and we are very excited about what’s coming next!
If someone you know is looking for a way to prototype, design and share AR/VR experiences without code, don’t hesitate to talk about Minsar. 😁

We also 💜 feedback. If you have any please contact us over Twitter or email.

April 28, 2021 (2.6.0)


User Interface & Experience

New Main Menu

This new Main menu features a quick access to the Project settings (such as its name), the Publish & Export services, and the Minsar home.

We have reworked the main menu with quick and easy access to frequently used features
New Sounds UI

A long overdue addition, we now have a large set of sounds to complement the visual feedback of the UI or the manipulation in the scene:

  • Valid and Invalid selections

  • When an element is successfully imported

  • When an element is being moved, also when there’s a collision or the element goes through another one

  • Switch to preview or edit

  • Teleport

  • When an error occurs

  • When a warning is displayed

Apostrophe on keyboard

We kind of forgot an important character when designing our own virtual keyboard 😅

Say hello to the apostrophe!
Materials/Animation issues detection

We now tell you when there is a configuration issue in your 3D materials or animations with a user-friendly error message.

Duplicate Project

Another very welcome addition that’s been requested since our earliest prototypes of Minsar (back in 2017), the ability to duplicate an entire project.

This is extremely useful to work on several proposals for a customer, with one common layout, for instance.

Privacy Policy

You can easily access the Privacy Policy from the Home.

Fixes & Improvements
  • The Triggers & Actions UI badges are now slightly bigger.

  • Fixed a scenario with the Surface Anchor gizmo when it had been resized.

  • Fixed an issue with the Media Name gizmo.

  • When switching to another anchor, we now hide the current anchor’s type button.

  • In Inner 360 scenes, the Loading Gizmo now appears in front of the users, not at the user’s head position.

  • We now prevent the creation of Triggers & Actions when a new asset is loading to avoid weird situations.

Creation Features

More customizable Actions

It is now possible to specify the following properties:

Spin Action's revolution duration, rotation direction (standard or reverse) and local/world axis
Levitate Action's height and round trip duration
Pulse Action's minimum and maximum size (in percent of the default size) and duration

Switch Anchor from the Inner 360 Anchor

You can now switch to any anchor when your scene uses an Inner 360 Anchor. It will remove the Inner 360 picture/video.

Better bounding box computation for animated 3D assets

Until now, selecting an animated 3D asset was a difficult task, since the “box” related to the asset wasn’t always where the 3D asset actually was. We have introduced a new way to compute its position which adds support for properly targetting and selecting animated 3D assets.

Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed an issue with the Text elements, which were not always visible properly when published to Web or exported to Spark AR.

  • A dozen other annoying issues in Creation mode have been fixed.

VR Support

  • The Zoom feature has been improved in many different ways and we now considered the feature to be stable and usable in your workflow.

  • We have enabled the 90Hz rendering on Quest 2 and tweaked the Fixed Foveated Rendering once again. We think we have now hit a sweet spot!

World Understanding

Fixes & Improvements
  • To preserve a reasonable framerate, we decrease the quality of the rendering. With Minsar Studio 2.6 we now display a notification when this happens.

  • Improved reflections rendering in Minsar Studio VR and in Inner 360 Scenes on all devices

  • Fixed various rendering issues


Less Micro-freezes

We kept searching for potential optimizations and optimized these parts of our codebase. This results in another decrease of micro-freezes in the app, though we think we can do better in later updates.

May 3rd, 2021 (2.6.1)


  • Improved the new Sounds UI implementation
  • The Loading Gizmo of Inner 360 Media is now bigger
  • Fixed a display issue with Option Panels notifications
Minsar Studio 2.6
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Minsar Studio 2.6

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