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Summer wallpapers

Summer wallpapers

After a seven-year entrepreneurial journey that ended with a tinge of disappointment, I needed to rest, recharge, and reflect. More than ever, I had to enjoy this summer before contemplating my next venture.

This summer unfolded over 36 days amidst the magnificent French Alps, amounting to 450km of hikes! My trails led me through the picturesque landscapes of Mercantour, Belledonne, Vanoise, and Tarentaise mountains. It was one of the most remarkable moments of the past decade.

As mountains trade green for shades of gold, I wanted to capture the feeling of pure happiness I had when I was up there. These visuals, crafted with MidJourney and upscaled via AI, perfectly resonate with the amazing sensation of feeling whole again.

Below, you’ll find a collection of 4K landscape wallpapers, alongside square and portrait renditions for your phone, each capturing a few highlights.

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Summer wallpapers
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