Tina Nigro


Hi! I’m Tina, a 🇫🇷 entrepreneur. In 2015 I co-founded Opuscope, which built award-winning spatial computing apps, and partnered with the leading XR platforms along the way.

Today I build apps on Apple’s visionOS, mentor entrepreneurs, help companies achieve more with XR, and do some public work for the government, including sitting on a committee of the National Centre of Cinematography and Animated Pictures.

If you’re interested in spatial computing, creative tools, follow me on Twitter or Threads.

My story

Building apps since I was 14 years old

I’ve discovered software engineering in 2011 and made a bunch of apps including a music player app on Windows Phone (1M+ downloads), and was subsequently awarded Microsoft Student Partner.

In 2013, while I studied at Paris Descartes university I joined the VideoLAN non-profit organization to contribute to VLC. Between 2014-2016, I was in charge of the development of VLC for Windows Phone, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Microsoft HoloLens. When I joined the project in 2013, the app was a prototype; two years later it had more than 25 million downloads, and VLC had become one of the most popular apps on the Store.

In 2015 I was awarded the Microsoft Regional Director title.

Pioneering the spatial computing era

In 2014, I bought an Oculus DK2 and started tinkering with with it. In October 2015 I’ve had the opportunity to try the Microsoft HoloLens and was blown away. In 2016, with Soraya Jaber, I co-founded Opuscope, a leading french company on AR & VR. With 4M€+ of funding, we built Minsar Studio, an immersive no-code platform to prototype, create and distribute augmented and virtual reality experiences. The app was awarded by the Magic Leap’s Independent Creators Program.

We partnered with Sketchfab on User Generated Content integration; with Microsoft on Azure Mixed Reality (Spatial Anchors) technologies and HoloLens development; and with Meta on the Quest development.

As CTO, I led a product team of 25 talented designers and engineers, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AR & VR. We made significant advancements in the UX & UI of complex immersive apps, powered by an advanced cross-platform runtime than could run on top of Unity, Babylon JS, or natively on iOS and Android with Babylon Native.

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