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VLC for Windows Phone 1.6

VLC for Windows Phone 1.6

Hi everyone,
The last VLC for WP update was ( ;) ) and was released months ago.
Today, VLC v1.6.0 for Windows Phone (should work with Windows 10 Mobile but phones get hot easily) will be available.


Everything from and 1.6.0 is the changelog of VLC for Windows Phone.

How to get it?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t release it on our main distribution channel because of an odd Windows Store issue (version number problem). As the amount of users asking for an update is tremendous, I decided to use our Private Beta channel and transform it to a Public Beta channel.

What does that mean

The Public Beta channel works like Facebook and Facebook Beta. The first one is stable, well tested and should be OK for everyone, while the second brings new features, bug fixes … and potential new bugs. Facebook Beta is hidden, and you can download it only via a link -> Same for VLC Beta. It also means the VLC Beta channel will get updates more often.

Known bugs

Playing videos without Hardware Acceleration may cause the app to crash. If this is the case for you, please go to Settings > Videos > Enable Hardware Acceleration and reboot the app.

VLC for Windows Phone 1.6
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VLC for Windows Phone 1.6

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